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Tasks of the Directorate

Key tasks of the Directorate

The key tasks of the Directorate are:

  • drafting regulations in the field of public procurement,
  • harmonization of Slovenian regulations in the field of public procurement with the European legal order,
  • systemic monitoring and cooperation in the harmonization of European Union and World Trade Organization procurement rules,
  • preparation of materials for working bodies of the European Commission and other European institutions,
  • Standardization of standard purchases, including the preparation of a sample tender documentation for typical types of public procurement and the establishment of a market information database for standard order items,
  • the merging of individual objects of public procurement into joint public procurement and the implementation of common procurement procedures,
  • the development of e-commerce in the field of public procurement with the comprehensive informatization of public procurement processes and the creation of an electronic catalog,
  • preparing opinions on procurement issues and advising subscribers about important public procurement,
  • monitoring the implementation of the provisions of the laws in force in the field of public procurement and on the basis of issued regulations,
  • care for the organization and implementation of professional education, in particular in cooperation with the Administrative Academy of the Ministry of Public Administration,
  • preparation of analyzes of the public procurement system,
  • cooperation with foreign institutions and experts in the field of public procurement,
  • care for publishing and accessibility of professional literature,
  • taking care of the availability of public procurement information in other countries,
  • establishing a professional environment by transferring good practices from abroad.

For the purposes of joint procurement and mandated contracts, the Directorate:

  • for the organs of the Republic of Slovenia, performs joint public procurement of the government in accordance with the law governing public procurement, and other orders for which the government is authorized by the Ministry of Public Administration,
  • collects the needs of the organs of the Republic of Slovenia and proposes to the Government for the adoption of joint public procurement,
  • carries out public procurement for state administration bodies and other bodies under the mandate,
  • it manages an information system that enables the delivery of individual orders within the framework of a concluded contract or framework agreement.