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Contracting authority

The e-JN system fully supports the electronic execution of the procurement procedure, as well as the mere implementation of the public procurement process and is integrated into appropriate back-office systems. Electronic public procurement, in fact, makes it possible to achieve greater efficiency in procurement procedures, means improving its operations and ensuring the free movement of goods and services and the smooth functioning of the European Union's internal market.

The process of informatization of public procurement processes due to the exchange of various electronic documents between different actors on the part of the contracting authorities and in connection with various business entities brings a great deal of complexity, which can be solved successfully through the e-Procurement project, which not only provides information support, specifications for document structures and training all actors, for electronic exchanges of documents.

Operation E-Procurement affects the simplification and rationalization of procedures, increasing transparency, competitiveness and economy in the use of public funds, saving time, reducing costs and reducing administrative barriers.


  •     Faster realization of orders,
  •     Reducing operating and administration costs by using electronic tools,
  •     More favorable prices,
  •     Standardization of procedures and greater transparency,
  •     Lower operational costs of individual delivery.